This blog is intended as my way of organizing all the information I’ve gathered, and things I’ve implemented into my daily life, that helps maximize productivity and a positive lifestyle. I will strive to post quality articles with specific topics that directly relate to productivity and cultivating good habits in some way. As a college student I realize that days can easily go by without having anything worthwhile being done. My goal is to end this behavior in myself, as well as help others to do the same through the ideas and tips they find within my blog. I am always open to ideas as well as questions and would love to hear from anyone that has any for me or my blog 🙂




One comment

  1. I haven’t looked at your blog in a while but it looks like you haven’t written anything new in a while. I think that you write really well. I felt like you were writing to also help yourself. Zig Zigglar was the one I listened to via tapes everyday to help me be more positive even when things were bad. Reading a couple of your writings has made me think of those tapes and to look for them.
    Thanks and Have a Great and Wonderful Day !


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