What is the Driving Force Towards Success and Happiness?


The more I write for this blog, the more I wonder what is it that causes us to become more productive? What drives us to excel beyond our previous selves to achieve things we couldn’t before?

Dissatisfaction is a Huge Driving Force

I truly believe dissatisfaction is a large reason why we drive onward towards bettering ourselves. I am utterly dissatisfied in my failures at college, thus I have began to devote large amounts of time each day to altering my habits and self to become a more equipped person to go back and finish college. Most athletes are dissatisfied with their own performances to a degree that pushes them beyond themselves. They know they are not good enough, thus they put in the work to become better. That’s what drives their progress. I want to clarify though, that dissatisfaction has nothing to do with being unhappy about your life. It is simply looking at aspects of your life and realizing “I can do better”. This is a challenge for yourself, not a condemnation. When looked at in this way dissatisfaction is a driving force that pushes you forward, not a chain that holds you back.

Deciding What Exactly You Want to do Is Extremely Important

Do you want to be the master of something in your life? Good! In ten years you’ll be there if you put in work each day and strive for it. The trouble is, you can’t master 10 things at once.

This is what many people struggle with. They simply want to be great at too many things. You can be adequate at some things, and more likely will be average at best for most things, and you will only master a very small number of things in your life . Stop looking at that as if it’s a bad thing; it’s far from it. You have the potential to learn the absolute insides and out of something if you start today and stick with it. You can learn to master the guitar, become an excellent athlete, become a business mogul who makes millions, and so on. It’s all there for you, you just have to decide what you want and put in the work for it.

Every Minute You Waste, Is a Minute You Could Have Spent

Imagine if every hour you ever spent doing something trivial instead was spent on something you truly care about.

There are limitless possibilities on how you can productively spend your time. Reading books, learning a new language, programming, learning about scientific discoveries or concepts, learning about psychology and how the mind works; and these are all just within the realm of education. So each minute you spend sitting and doing nothing, is one you could’ve spent growing your mind or working on something else of productive value. You have the tools to change your habits and life for the better, use them!

So what is the force that drives us towards our goals? What is the path we can take to achieve what we’ve always wanted to? Most of us are dissatisfied with where we are in life right now (it’s human nature to not be content). Instead of wallowing in this feeling though, try to know what positive changes you want to occur to further yourself along towards your goal, and put in the work necessary each day, no matter how backbreaking it may be. You will most certainly grow yourself as a person this way, and in some beautifully orchestrated cases, you may even reach your initial goals. Regardless of that though, you will have progressed much further than you ever would have otherwise. This progress will bring with it a satisfaction unlike any other, and from this satisfaction you will ultimately derive; we are all truly capable of great things.


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